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Sunday, February 13, 2005

it's like an illness, but it's a bebe

B. is sick this weekend. It is a revelatory downer. Having to do everything myself makes me think about doing everything myself…for a long time. It also makes me think about exactly how much I/we are going to have to do if there’s a bebe—because bebes are not sick, but they might as well be. And then they get all active and I suppose there’s even more to do then.

Anyway a couple of topics that occur to me:

1: Sickness.
I know nothing about sickness, really. When is a fever bad news? It’s baffling. And I think about my dog, and how many little ups and downs she has with her well-being, and I just imagine myself spending the first year of my child’s life on the phone with a nurse.

On the positive side, though, this was the first time ever in my life when I touched someone’s forehead and could tell that s/he had a fever. I’m sure that this means I am now totally ready to be a mom, because this is one of the magically mom skills—fever detection—that I never ever have had, and have worried about. So I am thankful that my husband got a 102 degree fever, because it has somewhat increased my confidence. Or whatever.

I had once voiced my concern about this to B.—not about detecting his fever, but just about my lack of the magical mom fever detection skill—and he pointed out that if our dog, with whom we are in pretty constant contact, suddenly changed temperature, then we would definitely know. This made sense to me, but I wasn’t actually comforted by this theory until I saw it in practice this weekend, with my husband and his changed temperature. I can say with confidence that it is very noticeable.

2: Staying in.
We are staying in. It is a downer. I mean, for real—last week were at the Empty Bottle arguing about whether the band name “Man Man” was just a bad rip-off of “Man… or Astro Man?” and this weekend we are shuffling back and forth between the living room and the bedroom; I took advantage of the spare time of Friday night to clean out my closet.

Is this what getting pregnant does to a girl? I mean, it’s different…you can go places with a belly or a bebe, even if that place isn’t the Empty Bottle…but there are some similarities. I friend of ours with a three year old couldn’t come to my b-day party because his daughter missed her nap and then fell asleep at 7:30. So he had to stay in and watch some teletubbies crap because that was the only DVD they had not already returned to netflix.

I am more or less ready to make these lifestyle changes, I think. But this weekend has been a little hard.

3. X-box

I think I should take it up. It has been B’s major form of entertainment through his illness, and the great part is that you can just talk to whoever else is on line. Also, the dog loves it because he stays in one place but is still sort of moving around interestingly and talking a lot. It seems to me this might be a good way to get through late pregnancy/early childrearing. X-box! But I am not really interested in any of the games I have seen thus far, and I still find the whole video game thing a little foreign and intimidating. But perhaps I should buck up.

4. Menstruation.

This really has nothing to do with B’s illness, I’m just thinking about it. I’ve been Off The Pill for two weeks now. I wonder when I shall ovulate? I have been planning on it taking months—my doctor said I should expect at least four, given my weird menstrual history and how long I’ve been on the pill—but I realize that I am a little antsy for something to happen, something to indicate that I have indeed gone OTP and my body is different now.


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