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Friday, February 25, 2005

One other thing

I am spending too much time trolling the internet for local interesting birth classes/options. And I just want to say: there doesn't seem to be very much out there. What is the point in living in a progressive city like Chicago if there aren't an abundance of midwives and doulas and birth centers to choose from? Shockingly, I've found a lot more stuff in the suburbs...I guess because that's where people go when they are having kids. Oh, Urban Mothers, where are thee? Surely I am not the only one: I know you are here, because your children irritate and distract me when I am in coffee shops in the morning trying to work.

Anyway, hopefully I'm just looking in the wrong places, and once I actually get pregnant and am willing to talk about it with people (whenever that is) I'll find out about more resources. Because really folks, it still seems like "starbaby" is the best I have found. And that is just sad.


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