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Friday, February 18, 2005

treading water

Just one little thought here.

It has been three weeks since I went off the pill, which is not very long. It is especially not very long when you consider that I went off the pill not really expecting to ovulate at all for three or four months, and not expecting to get pregant for probably a few months, at least, after that.

But man--I am getting antsy. It's like, I've decided already, I'm reading the books, I'm ready! Ready to go!

Now--where's my egg?

The fact that I have no idea how long it might take my historically reticent eggs to emerge makes me all nervous and frustrated. I think I could pace myself psychologically if I knew how long-ish I would have to wait. But the fact that ovulation could happen any time or no time is very hard to plan for.


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