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Thursday, March 17, 2005

New Favorite Game

Every morning I play a new game that is awesome. Awesome. It is called the “surely I’m ovulating” game. Here are some of the “moves” I’ve made in this game this morning:

*Fuck, I am irritable this morning. Surely, I am ovulating!

*This morning I have a total craving—not for pickles but for Radiohead. I have never wanted to listen to Radiohead in the morning before, ever. Surely I’m ovulating! Kid A, dude!

*My hair is so gross. I hope it’s because I’m ovulating.

This game has a truly riveting hold on my attention, which is not really a good thing, because can you imagine how exhausting? Plus, it very very easily slips into a different, equally as magnetic but much less appealing game, called “Surely I will never ovulate.” I play that one most days too.

Anyway, off the subject, it is snowing this March morning in Chicago. Snowing. I am a great defender of winter in principle, but I must say that this is straining even my equable limits. If I ever do ovulate, perhaps I will take my eggs to someplace warmer so that they don’t have to deal with this shit.


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