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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On Second Thought...

...maybe it is not very practical to have un bebe. Today the whole prego-lifechange-lifeasmom thing doesn't sound like much fun. I mean, if I had un bebe, what would I have done this afternoon when I was spontaneously invited to run over to the Redline to have a quick beer and meet my friend's brother, in town for the day? Stayed home, that's what. Boring!

I know second thoughts aren't all that interesting, really. They don't mean that much in the larger scale of things. No overall change in the family's baby-now planning.

However, for some reason, I'm just not in to the baby thing today. I even had to look at a bunch of baby photos this afternoon, and even the feet (they're so small! they're so squeezable!) failed to generate much enthusiasm. eh. babies. they just sit there.


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