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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wait. Was that me?

Was that me who was just complaining about how it’s bad to be judgemental? Who wants the world to back off and not judge me when/if un bebe becomes my responsibility?

Well. I just got back from the little grocery store on our corner, and found myself seething when stuck in line behind a woman who was buying, for her son, twelve packs of kool-aid and three bags of chips. And paying for it with her link card (even as I write this, let me pledge to you: I am a liberal) and being really obese, along with her son, and making me worry about heart disease.

I swear, it was sort of like watching that movie I saw a few weeks ago about the really bad but nice sexy poor british mom, except that it was a really bad but probably nice fat ghetto chicago mom.

And I am here to tell you: I judged. I sure did.

There are some larger issues to talk through here about judgement and mothering and class and how I want not to be a gentrifier. But right now I have to go now and make tacos.

So let me just say that for some reason (likely my own mother’s insane judgement/mothering/class issues) kool-aid is one of the really inexcusable things in my moral universe. Kool-aid! It’s like diabetes in a glass. And my point as I say this is not only that Kool-aid is a beyond-the-pale beverage for children (though, clearly it is), but that mothering must be reaaaally weird if it can turn snack time into a moral crisis.


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