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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Our Bodies, Our Bookstore

Today I popped in to the fabulous Women and Children First and learned that NOT ONLY is there a new edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves, but they (that is, WACF) are hosting a party with some of the editors, etc, on April 20th. If you live in Chicago, you should most definitely attend.

Evidently there will also be a "discussion" of some sort about women's health issues. This is what I would like to discuss: how can I find a nice, local, non-patronizing general practitioner? I pretty much like my ob-gyn, but I need a physical and I don't know how to find a GP. There should be some helpful index we can all refer to when looking for such people: universities put faculty evalutions online so students can choose selectively; I don't know why women shouldn't have the same resources when looking for healthcare.

Someone should start that, already. Ready, go!


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