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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

things i have been doing instead of blogging

1: the our bodies our selves thing at WACF

dude, I totally love Our Bodies, Our Selves. You all should have been there.

2: Going to Iowa City to see Greg Brown

Returning to your college town is fun but awkward, because you remember it--but it doesn't remember you.

3: Playing Soccer

I am not EVEN kidding. I played soccer, sort of for real, with refs and everything.

Everything I know about soccer, I learned two hours before the game from my downstairs neighbor. He also lent me some shin guards. He is twelve.

4: Sending flowers to my cousin, who is also twelve and plays soccer

But that's not why I sent flowers. I sent flowers because he was staring in the local production of _Oliver!_. How cool is that?

5: Applying for a job

It would be serving as a teaching assistant in gender studies next year. I won't get it, b/c I'm not in Gender Studies, but it was fun to pretend. Even sort of fun to spend a stressed out day preparing for the interview (which was Monday morning) which I only learned about upon returning home, still hung over, from Iowa city on Saturday afternoon.

The interview did go really well, though. I talked about the _Our Bodies, Ourselves_ things.

6: Being terrified that I owed the university $3,552 for reasons that are only sort of my fault.

But fortunately, I don't. I hope.


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