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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Younger Girl and the City

I was talking to a "boss" of mine today about his three-year-old's upcoming birthday party, which shall (get this) have a Where the Wild Things Are theme. TOO MUCH FUN! What could be a better party? It turns out that WTWFA is the three-year-old's new favorite book, mostly because she loves to ventriloquize the part where Max (remember Max?) tells all the gnashing, roaring Wild Things to "BE STILL!"

And that is an awesome thing for an almost three year old girly to love to say; almost as good as what is evidently her other favorite line: "LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!"

Anyway, boss-man and I had a long talk about the management of boss-daughter's party, because although he liked the idea of having face-painting at the party he had never actually painted a face before. And since I've done the kids-at-summer-camp rounds, I am ALL OVER THAT. So I was able to reccommend a few strategies: do they want to take up all the time face-painting? Do they have a hand-washing strategy? Would they rather just make masks out of brown paper backs (less glam, but a little more hands on for the kids)? Will they then have a dramatic reinactment of the story? If so, will the other small party-guests be okay with boss-daughter being the one who says, of course, "BE STILL!"? They might prefer to say that themselves.

Anyway, I found this all very intriguing and exciting and my enthusiasm made me think I might be okay with this mom-business afterall. I need more arts and crafts in my life, I really do.


In passing, did you know that they are making a movie of WTWTA? And that Spike Jonze is directing? And that Dave Eggers is writing the screen play?

This is all at once very thrilling and very worrisome: thrilling because at the point at which Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze are making kid movies, thenI know the world is really cueing me to have the kids who will go to those movies; worrisome because, despite my great thankfulness for McSweeney's, I don't actually trust Egger's narrative prowess more than I could...throw it. Or whatever. I mean, dude's witty and all, but that doesn't mean he can come up with a fucking PLOT.


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