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Monday, May 23, 2005

B say's I'm not normal

But according to this I pretty much am.

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

15% Upper Midwestern

5% Dixie

5% Midwestern

5% Yankee

What they asked me that I found interesting:

Is that place diagonally across from you "kitty corner" or "catty corner"?
(I had not known that places were ever catty corner. But now I do. Evidently, some people do not know that some places are kitty corner, either, but they are.)

What they should have asked me but didn't:

What do you call the beverage that comes from cows?
(had they, asked, I would have confessed that I call it "melk" rather than "milk," and then perhaps they would have conceded that, as B. says, I am not so normal after all.)


  • After a mere 7 years in Boston, I am officially 35% Yankee. Who knew such a thing can be learned.

    By Blogger w, at 3:08 PM  

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