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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Clever things for the world, and some questions

I just discovered the site Scarleteen and I am just really happy to know that it exists. My favorite part read thus far is where it admonishes the reader to "remember to wash your hands before -and- after masturbating!" I mean, that is Good Advice for an adolescent!

A friend of mine, over dinner on Sunday night, was saying that she thought all girls should be given a vibrator at age 12 by some cool female figure at school or home. While I totally agree that getting a vibrator in that context would have been a better rite of passage than getting one at age 20 by a boyfriend (as she and I both did), her comment begs the question: how involved should your parents be in your emerging sex life? I think this is a really weird question. Said dinner-friend has regular and intimate converations about sex with her father, but I think she's a little unhealthy (as you too would think if you heard her talk about her "Daddeee" which is how she spells it) so I don't choose to take her as a representative. Although I'm in favor of being really honest about sex, I think that a little bit of inter-generational space is a real good thing.

I mean, it sucks to have your sucky college boyfriend presume to open the door to your masturbatory life, but i'm not sure it's much better to have your folks involved.


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