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Monday, May 09, 2005

Last (i could have danced all) night at our house

Last night at our house, not much interesting happened. But! Two stories -below- our house, something happened that was (to me) very interesting indeed. Our downstairs neighbor dances for the Joffrey, which is the world's best thing for a neighbor to do, I thought, until last night, when she did something even better--she invited the WHOLE COMPANY over for an end of season party.

I'm not even kidding. The whole Joffrey fucking ballet, yuckin' it up two stories beneath me.

If I haven't mentioned this, I grew up doing the dance thing--not the "dance thing" in the way that people near real dance schools do it, and I never had illusions of growing up to actually -be- a dancer, but I did do enough dance to have opinions on which toe-pads were easiest on the blisters, and I did it until I went to college and even now sometimes take classes here or there, for fun and stretching. I really really love it, in the deepest parts of my very me-ness. And I still have some serious deep seated regrets about not pursuing it all a -little- bit further; making a -little- bit more space for it in my nerdy life.

So imagine my feelings at having the cast of the best (ballet) company in chicago, living the life of my dreams, fifty feet away.

Downstairs Neighbor had nicely "invited" us to stop by, in the way that you do when you know your guests are going to be irritating your neighbors and want to preempt their complaints. The neighbor invitation, as I well know, really isn't a real invitation, and I'm too socially paranoid to actually go to a party of glamorous strangers under such false pretenses, especially since I knew I would just be all drop-jawed and lurpy. Look! a dancer! I mean, awkward, right?

So here's what I did: I took the dog for a walk, out the back stairs, and past the party's smoking porch. I attracted, with said charming pooch, some appreciative hellos.

And then, on the way back into the house, back the smoking porch, I accidentally --oops!-- dropped the dog's leash, and she, as though I had trained her to do so, went charging, tail wagging, through the porch-smoking dancers, into the apartment, and then into the thick of the party where I just -had- to follow her ("oh? a beer? sure I'll have a beer, I'm just getting my dog..."). And so it was thus that I found myself officially if just for a moment -at- the Joffrey's party, with something besides my non-dancerness to talk about even ("yes, she's a wheaten terrier, I know, so cute, right?").

We didn't stay long at the party, but we did stay long enough to feel a little bit cool, and also to realize that the party was an 80's costume party. With Karaoke. So I, yes me, got to spend five lovely minutes watching two lovely joffrey-prima ballerina ladies, hair pulled into ratted side-pony tails, sweatshirts torn across the shoulder, singing their hearts out to "What a Feeling." *

To add to that lovely thought, let me leave you with this: imagine what lovely gay dancer boys would wear to an 80's theme party. Are you imagining the little terry-cloth short shorts? The headpants? the tanktops? The clearly outlined pecks and package? Yes?

What you are imagining is exactly correct. I was there, folks. Could have stayed all night.


* Okay, so this part is a little bit of a stretch, just to suit the truth of fiction, as it were. They weren't really singing "What a feeling." They were really singing "Holiday," by Madonna. Which is also pretty good, right? And they really had the _Flashdance_ sweatshirts going on and everything. Am I to blame if my fantasy version is better than the real thing? Come on.


  • Exactly how I would have felt (except maybe with the cast of a broadway show because dancers scare me). Unfortunately my dog would have snapped at their packages and alienated us further.

    By Blogger w, at 2:42 PM  

  • they were snapping at each other's packages, so actually I think mollmoll would have fit right in.

    (really, they were passing each other in the hallway saying "gnash, gnash" and making eyes."

    By Blogger AltMama, at 2:53 PM  

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