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Monday, May 23, 2005

More Blogthings, defining my life

I love quizzes. But, lo: they are unhelpful.

So, like all my friends, one of the main questions of my life is: where shall I live? This is one question that encompasses many others: will I really be okay with myself if I don't move to New York? Am I already too old to move to New York? What about a small town? Would I like being in a small town, being arty, like Jackson Pollock or someone? Would my friends move there too? what about my parents? What about my parents moving to New York? If I married a computer programmer, do I -have- to move to California? Do I secretly -want- to move to California? Do my parents and friends secretly want to move to California? & etc.

These are the major questions of the rootless well-educated: when we get together we ask them. We talk about moving where the other ones live. Do you like it there? Would I?

So, indeed, with so many identity questions bound up in location issues, I was muchly pleased to find a "blogthing," as per yesterday's post, grappling with just these very questions. But I am afraid it did not help me much.


American Cities That Best Fit You:

55% Chicago

55% Philadelphia

50% Boston

50% Los Angeles

50% New York City

I am trying to look at this and think of myself as "versatile" but really what it says to me is "vexed."

Two points:

1.) These are the results I got the first time I took the quiz, without answering the last two questions (one of which seemed pointless, and the other of which seemed to be begging the issue: to find out where I wanted to live it asked me...where I wanted to live). It was when I answered the question about fitness that San Francisco popped up on the list. What?

2.) I think probably the single most important question is the one about cars. Which is saying something. They don't even -ask- you about being able to walk, which is what I would say was most important to me.


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