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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More on Little Pants

Well, I'm sad to say that tracker-panty technology hasn't yet actually been manufactured...or rather,if it has, it has not yet been marketed in the way I mentioned on yesterday's post. So I suppose that's good news--though really, I was just starting to get interested in all the narrative possibilities tracker-panties provide.

Actually, someone B works with has done a lot of research on RFID tags (the technoglogy which would enable tracker panties if they existed, which, again, they don't). In his office even now one can find tracker pants, shirts, sweaters and shoes (though they're not being tracked in the same way). So I suppose tracker panties could be developed if the need arose.

ANYWAY, less perversely, let me mention again the idea of regular-pant sisterhoods. I know the coolest twelve year old girl: she's at the perfect stage of being really interesting and adult but not quite adolescent yet (she says things like, "Why are all these magazines Why would I want to read about hair?"). She is the daughter of the woman who was my boss during last year's campaign cycle (which means that she, the daughter, has met EVERYONE, like Ted Kennedy everyone) and I was just emailing with my ex-boss, who tells me that cool-daughter got to go to a special preview of the traveling pants movie, and how she went with her cool best friends, and how they all came home and blissfully tried on pants that they could share, and promised to be totally best friends forever, etc. And all this to say: it's good to know that there are girls out there, feeling cool about themselves and their friends and not EVEN being traumatized by the idea of trying on pants in public.


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