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Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Very Womanly Day: Some Lists

Very Womanly Activities of the Day

1. Planted some pansies
2. Walked the dog
3. Went to the grocery store
4. Went to the fabric store, to buy easy-sew dress patterns
5. Bought a table cloth
6. Bought a hallmark card to send to my husband's grandmother
7. Sat in the sun reading a 19-c sentimental novel, while drinking tea
8. Went to the butcher's three times in an attempt to buy a preferred cut of meat (pork shoulder)

Less Womanly (but still for the good of the family) Activities of the Day

1. Dropped of car the mechanic's (Tony's), and wrestled with his two doberman pinscher puppies (Toby and Tiger)

Additional Very Womanly (but less celebratory and more "women are the mules of the world") Activities of the Day

1. After dropping off car, WALKED the mile home--with the dog--carrying a bag of fabric, a hallmark mother's day card for my husband's grandmother (don't bend it!), and a ten-pound bag of meat, all the while being leered at by toothless men.


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