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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Variously Visual

Two things about me these days: first, my hormone-zits are still pretty bad; second, I need new glasses. One lens of my current pair fell out several weeks ago and mysteriously disappeared—it fell out in the middle of the English department office and no one could find it. So yesterday, very belatedly, I went to look for a new pair.

Now, getting a new pair of glasses sucks for me under the best of circumstances. I have a narrow little face, so all of the glasses I like are always too wide for my face. Never have I managed to find the perfect pair to seal the deal of my hipster identity, because every time I try on the fun funky ones the little cat-eye studded corners are hanging five feet off the side of my head. It’s just irritating. And then also, my glasses-shopping partner in crime/husband has a sort of elephantine critical faculty, and he can find something wrong with ANYTHING, and really, folks, nothing is more demoralizing than having your very loving husband look at your face and say, “ummmm…” and sort of frown several hundred times in a row.

Anyway, lets just say that this whole endeavor was not made any more fun by the fact that I currently have an angry crop of
zits on my forehead. I feel so unlike myself. It was just sooo unpleasant to spend all day looking at myself being dwarfed by unflattering glasses (bad enough) and then having the only part of my face not covered by the glasses infested with weird little red bumps. I have been feeling anxious and unnerved ever since; only now, 24 hours and several pats on the head later, have I started to recuperate. I will be so happy when my hormones level out and these stupid zits go away (and, I guess, when my hormones level out and I start to ovulate already).

Tonight we went to watch “The L Word” at T’s, which is quite the scene. The show on the television is what it is, but the show going on around us in the thick of the Chicago “L” community is very entertaining indeed. Everyone was very irritated by today’s episode because a) virtually nothing happened for the second half of the show except for long slow pans of angst-ridden Lesbian faces, and b) Jennifer got all overwrought and went after herself with a razor, which is a real problem in the world, but it was handled very crassly and frustratingly, and plus, she’s just not that interesting a character and it seemed such a shallow way to try and make the viewers believe she’s deep. The crowd was not sympathetic, and this is a crowd that wants to love the show. Anyway, I myself was irritated because there was all this build up about Tina’s labor, and how she was going to have a water birth at home, and I was very excited because I had just been discussing with B. the fact that I had never seen a television/movie depiction of a contemporary birth in which the mom was anywhere besides on her back in stirrups---but, guess what, the home birth didn’t work out and Tina ended up on her back in stirrups. Sigh.

They had Gloria Steinem on the show to give an inspiring speech about starting a revolution…but I guess the revolution does not yet extend to narrative and visual depictions of childbirth. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.


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