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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We had a very good time

So this long festive weekend, B. and I trucked off to St. Louis to attend my uncle's wedding. Despite my disapproval of the whole event, we really had a very good time.

Just to recap:

Things to Hate:
1. The whole inter-generational power weirdness between my older, richer, uncle and his younger, self-sacrificing bride
2. The whole emotional stress of being around this happy new couple (esp. my uncle) and my uncle's two barely teen-aged sons. Stick together the man-in-midlife-crisis demographic and the newly-adolescent-male demographic and what you have is a real cluster-fuck of feelings, my friends.
3. The repeated public thanking of new-wifey by my uncle for "arranging 95% of this beautiful wedding," because, you know, his work kept him really too busy to help (whereas her award-winning work in environmental journalism is trivial by comparison and easily spared)
4. Having to attend a series of wedding events with the bride's EIGHT REPUBLICAN SIBLINGS.
5. Having to drive a looong way down weird Missouri roads to attend a post-wedding BBQ hosted at the home of the bride's republican parents, and passing not one but TWO confederate flags along the way, and having B ask, "does this mean that you're now related to, like, slavers?"
6. The food, which was consistently very very bad. And there is just no reason for that, people.

Things which were quite fun, really, despite my bellyaching:

1: A responsibility-free weekend with my extended family, at their best
2. Playing the Violent Femmes for my young cousins
3. Excuse to wear a fun new dress
4. A very fun dance party on a riverboat, and it's not really like I love dancing to a mix-cd of least-controversial-dance-tunes-for-wedding,-up-to-and-including-YMCA, but anytime you get both my mother and my 14 year old cousin on the dance floor, I have to give you props for throwing a good party
5. The very curvy maid-of-honor's CLEAVAGE, which was displayed to spectacular effect by her low-cut dress (B. described it as "monumental"; I might have said "operatic"), and which seemed only more interesting after we learned that she was a MASSEUSe
6. The best-man's toast, which included the wish that the happy couple "grow old on the same pillow"

So, not a bad weekend all in all. If anyone has advice on how I can work through my hatred of the inter-generational wedding, do let me would be helpful, especially as more men I know start dating their students and making me hate them.


  • My family get-togethers are equally as frustrating and yet amusing. One of my sisters and I are the only lefties in the house. We are, therefore, not allowed to talk politics.

    I have absolutely nothing on the intergenerational thing, although I find the overwhelmingly present power structures completely unsettling. Just smile, and if necessary, hold back the I-told-you-so.

    By Blogger Miss Education, at 1:20 PM  

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