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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

you can come with us

to see the midnight premier of _Star Wars_ tonight, but you can't bring your light saber. Costumes are fine, but no light sabers--if you bring one, you have to check it with the nice lady at the movie theater ticket counter.

You may be asking: why is our nice girly girl telling us this? does she think we have light sabers? and why is she going to a midnight premier of -Star Wars_ anyway? Is this some tragic grab at a last straw of pre-parental stupidity? Doesn't she get enough _Star Wars_ from the model millenium Falcom and x-wing, beloved by her husband, and hanging in her sunroom? what?

But I am asking: how did they figure out to ban light sabers? I mean, was there some particularly awkward light saber encounter at one of the previous movies? Do they just block the view? Do the film distributors send out a little warning with the reels that says "you may want to ban light sabers during the viewing of this movie"?

This all becomes particularly interesting b/c our little neighborhood theater is pretty ghetto, and you'd think, actually, that they might have some real weapon issues that they'd be worried about. You'd think that "light sabers" would be the least of their problems. But I must say, I am having a good time imagining the horrors that could ensue if some ghetto movie attendee suddently, mid movie, whisked out a light saber, swung it around ominously, and pulled up his shirt so we could see "Jedi Life" tattooed across his belly. Could get risky, folks.


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