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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Biology Happens

So, I had not known (before good ol' Toni Weschler told me so) that the progestin phase of the menstrual cycle is basically (it seems obvious, but I'd never realized it) the gestational phase--it's when your body gets all warm and tries to be a cuddly little egg incubator.

This scientific fact is now being realized in my "progestin challenge" body, because, friends, I am warm. I am very warm. And perhaps I would not be so keenly attuned to this except that it is now Totally Summer here, and I would be warm anyway, but every morning I wake up and I am just sizzling.

Poor timing on my part.

My dog is now sporting a new summer 'do (think teddy bear meets Ellis Island, and you'll have some idea) and I am thinking perhaps I shall join her.

Also, a story I can neither confirm nor deny:

B was talking to his sister the other day, and she claims that she was watching a live news broadcast of a hostage situation (perhaps in California? All the crazy stuff happens in California) that involved a man in a car with several hostages, hedged in by police. According to my sister-in-law, the man knew he was trapped and out of sheer frustration decided to pitch at the police a *dead baby.* Which, she says, was recorded live by a startled news camera man who had no idea of how to respond to the situation.

I have found no news recorded this farelly-brothers-esq horror story. At this point it's unclear to me if it's more disturbing that this happened, or that my sister-in-law made it up.


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