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Monday, June 06, 2005

my visit to well-woman central

So, today I had my much anticipated appointment at the Chicago Women's Health Center. They rock there; you should all go. I had a lovely and long conversation about all my menstrual weirdness with Louise, the "health worker" who met with me. She was very sympathetic at all levels.

So the results:

1. I'm probably fine. She wasn't worried about anything and did not even do any poking or proding. Yay, absence of poking and proding!

2. She prescribed a ten-day "progestin challenge" which, no, is not a foot race, but rather a somewhat heavy dose of the hormone your body produces during the second half of the normal menstrual cycle. The idea is that you take the hormones, they drop off, you (hopefully) get your period, and then (again, hopefully) your body remembers how much fun menstruation and ovulation can be and starts doing both by itself.

Now, I am not exactly sure how your body reaches this decision; getting my period never made -me- really excited to get it again. But evidentally it is often pretty successful, and since progestin is a naturally-occuring hormone it doesn't have any weird side-effects and is just generally a safe way to get started.

I take the pills for ten days, and then see if I get my period in a week or so.

3. I am to call Louise to report the results of the progestin challenge, because she just wants to make sure everything is okay and to "get me back in there" if it seems like more extreme measures need to be taken.

4. One thing that was interesting to me is that she said that if I get a period and if my body wants to then start ovulating, she said she thought it was fine to dive right in there and start trying to get pregnant. I assumed I would probably need to wait a while, but she said that the only reason to wait would be to accomodate the doctors who would want a clear ovulation date, and fuck them. She didn't actually say fuck them, but she basically did, and it was pretty awesome and I totally love her.

5. I think that's all! I'm excited. It's nice to have something to -do-.


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