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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Polite Conversation

So I’ve been feeling lately like I’ve been letting my web surfing get the best of me a little bit—a little too much time reading on-line debates, a little too little time cultivating my dissertation. But whatever. I also am finding that sometimes my surfing is helping me figure out some of the nuances of my own ideas.

Anyway, just briefly, the other day I was talking about how grateful I was for this post, in which madame Bitch phd describes how frustrating it is for people (especially liberal intellectuals) to talk about “choosing” to have a baby, as though “normally” no one would do such a silly thing as to reproduce. And I was saying how nice it is to hear that opinion voiced.

Then just today I found myself commenting obsessively on Feministein a little debate which started by being about “harmful” books and ended up being about second-wave feminism…and lo and behold, I’m find myself totally defending the second-wave feminist anti-maternity folks.

And my point is not that these two positions are contradictory—but just that it’s nice to have to fine-tune my own ideas this way. I don’t know why when they want you to write a dissertation they plunk you down in a room by yourself and expect you to still be able to talk to people at the end of it.


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