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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Quite Surprising

I have been all sorts of giddy since my appointment yesterday. I feel very good about having a new doctor and a new plan and, possibly, a new baby.

But I realized something today, while biking to school: this "progestin challenge" of mine will last ten days. Then, sometime in the week after that I might get my period. And then, sometime a couple of weeks after that I might, first, OVULATE and hypothetically even GET PREGNANT.

Which, I mean, is indeed the goal. But it is still sort of startling to realize that it might happen in hardly more than a month.

Now, it's unlikely, and it will probably take longer than that. But still, it's possible that a month and a half from now I would be knocked up, people.

This is making me feel very carpe diem or something. I am thinking I might spend the next month drunk, and in a bikini.


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