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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ye Olde Poke and Prodde

Since it is now a comfortable four+ months since I went off the pill, I have made an appointment for a followup "well woman visit" (better known as a "poke/prod") during which I can discuss my ongoing lack of ovulation. (I almost said "failure to ovulate" but I'm trying not to get all down on my ovaries yet).

So, after Monday, I might know something.

Two things about this. First, now that I have made an appointment I actually feel more anxious than previously. I realize that as four months aproached I actually got less stressed out about it all because I had a Job, which was to make an appointment, and decide when and where I wanted to make it. Now that I have done my Job, I have nothing to do any more except twiddle my thumbs and keep an eye out for cervical fluid.

Second, it's likely that at this poke/prod (which is at a women's health center) they will say things like "be patient" and "after ten years of hormonal tinkering, four months really isn't such a long time for your for your body to normalize." Which would suck in its way. BUT! They might also say, "here is this drug that might fix things." And then I would have decide how I feel about that.

Because I do want my body to be all healthy and happy before it is pregnant. But I also want to be pregnant. So I'm feeling a little vexed around here.


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