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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fourths are for Families

The Fourth of July is one of the biggest holidays on my mom's side of the family--most years, everyone gets together in my little home town and goes to the parade and watches the fireworks and sets off fireworks and lounges around and eats lots of creamy, fruity deserts. It's fantastic.

However, since we all got together at my uncle's wedding a month ago, this year there were no family obligations, and I thought: hey! How bout having a fun, urban holiday with friends!

Unfortunately when I made this plan I did not realize that I would be in the throes of fertility-cyst-crazy weirds, and be a leeetle more invested in family traditions than I am anyway. At about eleven pm on the night of the third, I found myself thinking: well, if I leave to drive the seven hours home -now-, I would make it in time for the parade tomorrow afternoon. That's not crazy. Is that crazy? I would get to stay at least four or five hours before I had to drive the seven hours back to make my doctor's appointment on Tuesday.

Needless to say, B. convinced me that this was, yes, crazy. So we stayed here. But to console myself, I made all my friends come over for a holiday potluck, creamy fruity deserts included. See photos above: there is Blueberry Buckle, Lemon Tort, and Strawberry Marscapone (which I can't spell).

It was so great and so fun, and the food was so good, and everyone was so indulgent of me even when I decided that I had to read the introduction to the Declaration of Independence as a form of saying grace. They are good friends.

However! Some of these friends are boys who are so sweet and femmy they have a hard time working through their VERY NOTICEABLE competitive streaks. Two of these boys in particular are so sweet and enamored with each other and also very competitive that they just MAKE EACH OTHER CRAZY! But they totally like each other too.

And somehow all this long-pent-up competition/love burst forth just about the time we were trying to serve deserve, and the end result is that the marscapone ended up EVERYWHERE. Everywhere! Food fight! Whip cream! Boys squealing! Whip cream down on the windows! On the floors! In the hair! Down the boxer shorts!

Not even kidding. I heard these words: "Dude, there is whip cream ALL down my ass crack." Which is so over the top there's no point in doing the queer reading.

The happy ending is that everyone involved (silly boys) got out of their creamy clothes, jumped in the shower (not together, sadly) and then moped my floor while wearing borrowed swim trunks. And then, while the floor was still wet and we could all do styly moonwalk moves, we had an impromptu dance party while listening to "99 Luftballoons" in honor of our German guests.

So, this is not my normal family fourth. But I'll take it.

Doctor's appointment today! Send good vibes.


  • Oh, that sounds like SO much fun! I hope your doctor's appt goes stunningly well. Is this the one where you ask WTF is going on and get your test results?

    By Blogger Nico, at 1:37 PM  

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