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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Project for Today

Is to get some fucking work done. A pal of mine just emailed me from Paris, where she is doing "research" this year, to let me know that she just finished her second dissertation chapter.

Friends, she and I are in the same place in grad school--in the past year she has actually had a larger non-research load than me--and she just finished her second chapter. And me, I'm still sort of plucking placidly at the hem of chapter one.

As soon as she sent me this email, I immediately began to rationalize. Of course she has so much done! It is because she is maniacally single-minded! But even so, I could have gotten that much done, if I wanted to! I could have! I just had to go to the doctor twenty-seven times. And then I had to blog about it! And check to see what happened to other people at the doctor's office! And then, I also had to make fourth of july deserts! Lots of them! How am I supposed to get my dissertation written when I've got all -that- going on, huh? HUH?

Okay, but really, today I'm going to get some work done. Off I go! Watch me!

***I will say in passing that partly it's hard to shift from obsessing about pregnancy to working on my dissertation, because my dissertation is all about mid-19c domesticity and women's self-expression. So really...all this obsessing and blogging seems like it should count somehow. Maybe I could turn in this blog as chapter one? Eh?

***And the other thing that I should say in passing is that doing this dissertation research really makes me put my own little problems in perspective (which maybe is why I'm not actually doing it, but lets not go there). As Joie says, in some ways I've got -good- news because I've got a pretty treatable problem. I can complain about my own fragile nerves and the inequities of the medical system, but man--an infertile woman in the nineteenth century? She really had problems. Can you imagine? You would just wait around your whole life and you would never know what was going on. Awful.

Okay, to work now. really! okay!


  • Blah! I've had friend FINISH their PhD (well, one) and I am still plucking at chapter one, as you say.

    I was ahead until the coursework stopped.

    Bloody dissertations.

    By Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom), at 3:41 PM  

  • hey now, no academic self-bashing. a dissertation is, all and all, a lot of pieces of paper that most of the world won't read (i'm coming to terms with this, since i'm taking my lit. prelims in the spring). i only know one person who read my master's thesis (the other two committee members just looked at my bibliography). or maybe i'm just bitter. maybe.

    when i think of infertile women having problems, i think of circa henry viii. :o)

    By Blogger, at 10:44 PM  

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